welcome to my little corner of the internet

i go by felia / fe, and here i will tell you a little about myself.

i live in the US and i currently go to school + work!
i have two cats in which i love dearly, and i am going to
study psychology as well as web design.

i adore music, literature, art, baking, animals, gaming,
online shopping, as well as learning new things!

my favorite ways to spend the day are napping and spending
time with my friends and family.

my dear friend
lyn made this website for
me, and i appreciate her so greatly for doing so.


꒱ i age regress & pet dream

꒱ i require tone tags when being spoken to via text,
as i really struggle understanding tone and it
clears any misunderstandings on my end.

꒱ i struggle reading certain fonts,
so please provide translations when necessary.

꒱ i was diagnosed with BPD ( Borderline Personality Disorder ) ..
please be patient with me through
my journey with this and previous diagnoses.


DO NOT FLIRT WITH ME! it makes me very uncomfortable.

꒱ racists, ableists, anti-agere & petdre, copiers, shamers,
self diagnose, gatekeepers, refuse to use tone tags, refuse to use
translations, hate pages, any sort of hate and/or
negativity, ++ basic dni criteria.

leave me a sweet message.

꒰ please no negativity nor drama.. you will be IP banned. *no anons! ꒱

to the people who i have bonded with tenderly.

levi ♡, tre, des, nugget, nana, day, vivi, pom, nora, mat, bryson, daisy.

huge credits to lyn for designing this very website for me! visit her page:

lyn's room

credits to:
꒰ pomfee: for cursor +emote.
kip: for emotes

web updates

june 1 : updated diary and links page

may 18 : finished all the pages

april 23 : started the creation of this website